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Wes Gardner counting cars
Counting passengers in cars. This study revealed that there is enough high-occupancy vehicle and bus traffic to justify HOV/bus lanes on Highway 22. It was nine degrees below zero.


If you want to help my campaign, there are a number of ways you can.

If you would like a yard sign, tee shirt (we have all kinds of sizes), or bumper sticker, please reach out to me via email ( We have plenty, and would love to use what we have (especially yard signs, which are allowed to be displayed from now until five days after the election- the rules changed this year).

Also, if you are interested, there are opportunities to make phone calls, knock doors with me in your neighborhood, and even share a short selfie video letting people know that you are voting for me.

You can also make a financial contribution. I place a lot of value in having support from a broad spectrum. Even a $10 donation will help. It is your participation that is important.

We are happy to accept donations of any size (up to $1500). Simply click on the donate button below to donate today.

In order to keep in touch with our campaign, please share your email HERE, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent updates.


We are looking for volunteers to help spread the word about Wes’ platform. If you are interested in contributing your time to help, please follow the link below to volunteer.