Wes Gardner for County Commissioner

Wes Gardner

About Wes

Like most of you, I moved to Teton County to enjoy the wildlife and wide open spaces. Twenty-three years later, I am a downtown business owner (Teton Toys), a husband, a recent father, and a candidate for County Commissioner.

Situated as we are on the doorstep of two national parks, Teton County is a land full of wonders, but it’s not as easy to live here as some may think. Our community faces challenges from housing and transit to conservation and mental health. Please check out my positions on these issues and more as laid out within this site.

Now is the time for creativity and determination. Now is the time for cooperation. Now is the time for dynamic leadership. My mix of academic, business, and civic experience make me an excellent candidate for Teton County Commissioner. I currently serve on the START bus and ISWR (Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling) Boards and have been active in local business and conservation efforts for many years. 

I look forward to meeting you along this campaign journey.